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For many, there can be a no finer and more satisfying way to discover Costa Rica's incredible range of diverse tropical landscapes, than on horseback.
Just imagine yourself riding through misty Paramo, active Rainforests, dry Savannahs and the fascinating Transitional forest; to the mystical Mangrove swamps and the beautiful shorelines of secluded beaches.

Since the early colonial days, Costa Rican history has been indelibly linked to the life of the cowboy or 'Sabanero' as we Costa Ricans call them. In the past 35 years many imported horse blood lines, such as the magnificent Andalusians, Quarter-horses, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Lippizans and Morgans, have been introduced to our country and the stock of Criollo (Criole) horses has been improved and their characteristics complemented.

From the working Criollo, to the elegant Paso fino, there is a horse and adventure for every riding preference, from that who is just beginning to the experience rider looking for a challenging adventure on horseback.

So if you wish to be immersed amongst the glory of nature's finest displays, galloping towards smouldering volcanoes, breathtaking valley views and vast oceans, then take a look at our range of expeditions that will take you there!

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