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- Costa Rica is bordered to the north by Nicaragua and to the south by Panama. It has both a Pacific and Atlantic Coast.

The Caribbean coast is 132 miles long whilst the Pacific coast is 635 miles long.

- A series of volcanic chains (cordilleras) runs from the Nicaraguan border in the Northwest to the Panamanian border in the southeast, splitting the country in two.

In the center of theses ranges is a high-altitude plain (Central Valley), with coastal lowlands on either side. Over half the population lives on this plain, which has fertile volcanic soils.

- In this small country, 12 major life zones, harbour an astounding amount of plant and animal life.

Whilst Costa Rica covers a mere 0.03% of the planets surface and which size can be compared to Wales (U.K.) or Virginia (U.S.), the nation is endowed with over 5% of all life forms on earth.

Add to this:

- 210 Species of bromeilias
1 000 fern species
- 182 Amphibian species
- 1 400 Orchid species
- 111 Palm species
- 42 Cacti species
- 243 Mammals
- 857 Bird species

- This Central American nation has dedicated a higher portion of its territory to Wildlife Reserves and National Parks than any other nation in the world.

- Hawks, Ducks, Egrets, Toucans, Tanagers, Herons, Parrots, Mot-mots, Terns and the noisy Scarlet macaw are just a few of the 857 species of birds which inhabit the country.

The county's stunning scenic heritage unfolds in an ever changing panorama of steaming volcanoes, forested mountains, dramatic skies and pastoral countryside. Dark lowland jungles give way to rolling savannahs; Pacific surf crashes against rocky headlands, in sharp contrast to the tranquility of palm -fringed caribbean beaches.
- Costa Rica offers such wide range of possibilities to visitors that it's rather difficult to just have to choose a few alternatives out of the thousands of possible choices. This country has become today one of the world's most renown vacation destinations offering its visitors a wide chioce of ecological activities including: Birdwatching, Natural History, Enthomological Tours, Diving, Educational Tours, Ocean Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Canopy Tours, Rain Forest Aerial Trams, Ecological Horse Rides, White Water River Rafting… and Much More....!!

We invite you to discover Costa Rica with us. .What will be your first stop ?… perhaps a beach, a volcano, the tropical Rain Forest or even one of the islands !! There is simply something for every taste in Costa Rica.

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